Pico Semiconductor is committed to fully support the customers at any stage of design and development including simulation, layout, integration, modeling and testing.

1) High speed transceivers (SERDES)

Pico semiconductor is developing SERDES for a wide range of applications so that a single block can cover most applications for data rates from 1Gbps up to 32Gbps. Also for specific applications such as SONET and GPON, IPs are being designed.

2) PLL and DLL

In the area of PLL design, Pico Semiconductor covers a wide range of applications. This includes designing PLLs with both LC oscillator and ring oscillator using proprietary design techniques. For applications ranging from 10MHz to 16GHz. Pico Semiconductor can provide PLLs with wide range, low noise, low spurs and low power.

3) High Speed IOs

Pico Semiconductor provides both single ended and differential IOs. Single-ended IOs such as SSTL (with different categories) and HSTL capable of operating at up to 800MHz are provided. Differential IOs operating up to 16GHz are also provided.

4) Crystal Oscillator

Pico Semiconductor provides both single-ended and fully differential architecture for fundamental tone and third overtone applications.

5) Basic Analog Blocks

Pico Semiconductor also supports its customers by providing basic analog blocks such as Band-Gap, Op-Amp, Voltage and Current References.